Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DBA Duties

SQL Server Production DBA
  • Administering SQL Server Production Database.
  • Backup and Restore.
  • Monitoring SQL Server Jobs (SQL Server Agent and Maintenance Plans Jobs).
  • Installing, Configuring database servers.
  • Troubleshooting SQL Server production issues.
  • Capacity planning and monitoring database growth.
  • Replication management.
  • Managing SQL Server security and logins.
  • Importing Exporting data using DTS, SSIS packages. This is intended to move a data from one location to another or create a copy of the data.
  • Designing disaster recovery strategies.
  • Building rebuilding indexes to improve performance.
  • Dealing with performance issues on production servers. Search performance bottlenecks or perform other monitoring tasks using SQL Server Profiler.
  • Moving objects from QA to Production databases. Detach and Attach in order to move a database from one location to another.
  • Security of Data and Database System.
  • Reviewing SQL Server database objects
  • Code review and making sure code comply with current company standards.
  • Testing of T-SQL Scripts.
  • Testing the patches before deploying on production.
  • Working with application developers to know how front end application work and testing results.
  • Indexing database and making sure required indexes are present on all objects.
SQL Server Development DBA
  • Database Development.
  • Writing T-SQL statements.
  • SQL Server Stored Procedures.
  • Creating Views in SQL Server database.
  • New objects creation and database design (important)
  • T-SQL code review to make sure its not going to become a performance night mare.
  • Providing suggestions for database development tasks.
  • Working with data architects to design database.
  • Cleaning data.
  • Indexing database tables.

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